Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sanclodio 2005

I think I am in love. And it is not with a man. (Or a woman for that matter.) Rather, I am in love with a bottle of wine. Sanclodio 2005 to be exact. Let me tell you how we met.

It was a Friday night in October. I was attending the opening night of "Tributes," a flamenco show at the Joyce SoHo. We were promised food and drink, but I wasn't expecting much, as you know how these opening nights go. The lady behind the table was offering red and white. I chose the white, my friend chose the red. We wandered over to some other people we knew, and I took a sip. Love at first taste. I don't profess to be a wine connessiuer, but I know what I like. And I like Sanclodio 2005. Not too sweet, not to dry. Just perfect, and easy to drink.

Sanclodio 2005 is an unoaked white wine produced in the Ribeiro region of Spain. The Ribeiro wine region of Spain is located in the province of Orense and covers 3,000 hectares. This region has 112 vineyards (or bodegas as they are otherwise called), which produce 12.8 millon liters of wine per year.

This wine is not easy to find. I have been in a few wine stores in the city, and while I have found a few red wines from this region, I have not found my beloved Sanclodio 2005. In fact, the only place that I know has it is Marble Hill Cellars, which provided the wine at the flamenco show. Located in Brooklyn on Bay Ridge Avenue, Marble Hill Cellars primarily represents small, artisan, signature wineries that are owned by families, individual winemakers or small groups of friends who are committed to producing wines that are authentic expressions of Spanish native grape varieties. They not only offer Sanclodio 2005, but a host of other wines from the Navarra, Limari Valley, Rioja and Bierzo regions as well.

If you want to meet my new love, you can contact Marble Hill Cellars at 917-972-2540 or sales[AT]marblehillcellars[DOT]com.

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